Forming Strategic Partnerships

Arxcel Works with Organizations Across the U.S.

If you are considering working with the Arxcel team to manage your pharmacy benefits, you may be asking yourself: who does Arxcel work with?

From manufacturers, to banks, to municipalities, our clients span all industries across the United States. For more details on some of our clients, read below to understand who we work with and how we've been able to help manage their pharmacy benefits programs.

Northwest Savings Bank

Northwest chose the second option. We worked with them to implement the program over a 60-day period that allowed for effective communication with employees, coordination with the TPA and a custom-designed prescription ID card.

Costs increased by only 8% during the first 15 months—less than half of the standard industry cost increases rates. Northwest Savings Bank increased its number of employees by 50% during this period, and they equate a portion of their excellent employee relations with the introduction of the new prescription plan. In addition, the human resources department received nearly a dozen complimentary letters about the plan from employees, and the TPA has reduced administrative tasks by removing prescription claims processing from their workload.

MDNY Healthcare

Total pharmacy costs increased by only 3.1% last year, compared to the national average of more than 15%. Through our comprehensive data analysis and audit, we were able to recover overpayments made by the pharmacy benefit manager. Our policy initiatives also laid the groundwork for NCQA accreditation. An evaluation of pharmacy benefit managers resulted in over $1.5 million in administrative cost savings for MDNY. In addition, the move to the new prescription benefit manager complimented the clinical and physician initiatives. These factors have allowed MDNY to continue staying ahead of national drug trends.