PBM Evaluation

Eliminate Out-of-Pocket Costs for Employees & Create Savings for Employers

Creating Prescription Management Outcomes
that Work for Your Organization

Arxcel’s goal is to be more than a prescription benefits consultant. We strive to be a trusted confidant to those looking to navigate the complex world of prescription benefits coverage. As an independent partner, unbeholden to anyone in the prescription benefits food chain, our unique and unbiased perspective allows us to advocate solely on your behalf. Ensuring that the prescription benefits plan you select is the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution available to your company.

Prescription Drugs
PBM Evaluation


  • Allow remote patient access to clinical team – regardless of time/day, and especially critical during COVID-19 pandemic

  • Fast turn around and implementation – 60-90 days

  • Arxcel programs lower or eliminate out-of-pocket costs for patients

  • Full visibility and access to pharmacy performance

  • Arxcel serves as point of vendor validation and accountability