Arxcel Aims to Lower Pharmaceutical Costs for Employers and Members

For employers, keeping up with the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry presents many challenges that affect both their bottom line and the pocketbooks of their employees. This is where Arxcel, a proud Lawley partner, comes in.

As an independent national pharmacy benefit consulting group, Arxcel advocates solely on the employer’s behalf in order to ensure comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to their corporate prescription benefits plan.

Arxcel is an independent partner unbeholden to anyone in the prescription benefits “food chain.” With an unbiased perspective that allows them to advocate only on their client’s behalf, they strive to provide simplified pharmaceutical solutions that protect the employer’s interests.

Benefit plan design, clinical program development and oversight, financial modeling, and new program implementation are just a few of the areas in which Arxcel provides expert counsel. With their support, you’ll also have access to the following services.

PBM Evaluation

Whether you are in the market to evaluate PBM carriers, or in a long-term PBM relationship/contract – Arxcel is the patter of choice to help you navigate the details.

Arxcel’s detailed RFP process, evaluation and analysis helps employers to benchmark spend against market trend, and identify contractual nuances that could result in financial savings. Even in the middle of a PBM contract there are levers that can be pulled to produce plan savings and lower out of pocket costs.

Some of those include:

RightRx RightRx lowers pharmacy costs by 5%-10%! Arxcel provides advocacy and outreach on behalf of self-funded plans to maximize client and member savings, while also maintaining or improving quality of care. By reviewing client pharmacy claims data, the Right Rx Platform recommends lower cost therapeutic equivalents to prescribing doctors. Members are then contacted by trained advocates and educated about the cost-saving therapy changes.

Diabetes Management Arxcel is proud of their new preferred provider relationship with LivingConnected – a cellular-enabled mobile diabetes management program designed to give diabetes patients access to live monitoring and intervention when they have an adverse reading or trend in their blood sugar levels. The goal of Diabetes Management is to help patients manage their diabetes in real-time, which helps prevent complications and improve quality of life.

Specialty CoPay Assistance This specialty copay assistance program captures the available dollars from manufacturers to reduce employee cost and sponsor costs. PBMs are reluctant, if not opposed, to capturing these dollars due to the extra work and rebate conflicts. This is why the Arxcel team will support you and your members through enrollment and beyond.

ArxAnalysis ArxAnalysis is proprietary Arxcel software that provides PBM audits, benchmarking of financial information, reviews business practices, and produces population disease assessments. The software’s main objectives are to ensure access to the right medication such as brand name vs. generic, discourage inappropriate use, avoid financial hardship to the patient, and encourage the right delivery channel.

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