Drugs at Your Doorstep | Pharmacy Delivery Platforms Are In

Updated: Jul 1

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly decreased foot traffic into pharmacies, so what are companies to do? In the “Door Dash Era” of today, prescriptions are set up to be the next service trend available for home delivery.

The big players in the pharmacy delivery platforms are still being set up to bat, although new rounds of funding are making waves for some startups. ScriptDrop, an Ohio-based drug delivery service, just completed a $15 million round of funding. Since the 2017 launch, the company has raised a staggering $27 million. They are set up to be the “largest prescription delivery platform in the U.S.,” according to their CEO, Amanda Epp. Epp came to ScriptDrop from CoverMyMeds, another innovative pharmacy organization.

The market for pharmacy delivery is a whopping $300 billion, with big names entering the playing field every day. Recently UnitedHealth Group acquired divvyDose. Amazon also entered into the pharmacy market earlier in 2020.

With medicine access being a global issue, it makes sense that drug delivery is the way of the future. The Arxcel team is abreast of the situation and is always evaluating new and emerging trends in the pharmacy industry. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team for assistance or a consultation.

Information for this article was obtained from Crunchbase, Christine Hall, 2020.