Trends in Pharmacy Management | Chris Robbins featured in November Webinar

Change has been inevitable in 2020, especially in the area of pharmacy benefits management.

Chris Robbins, CEO of Arxcel, discusses some of these changes and trends in a recent webinar entitled: Trends in Pharmacy Management.

Click here to watch a recording of the webinar.

Robbins says "We've seen different approaches for benefits management. But our team realizes that there are some different levers that can be pulled around the pharmacy benefits for employers and for the plan participants. Sometimes it's not always easy just to change the pharmacy benefit managers, there's a lot of disruption, but we've discovered some tools that can help."

Additionally he says, "Our goal is to lower costs for both the patient and for the employer, improve the quality of their care, and not have to disrupt any of their current relationships. And we want to make sure that pharmacy benefit managers are held accountable."

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